All the pieces are connected. It’s not just about sheep, cows, forestry, horticulture, dairy, or even conservation. By considering all the pieces and the context they fit within, integrated land management creates both a thriving ecosystem and a resilient economy.

  • Understanding the land, and including resources such as soil, water, vegetation, and biodiversity, provides opportunities for both income and strengthening our environment.
  • Matching land use to land capability allows us to manage the land in alignment with its strengths. This delivers long-term income while protecting and regenerating natural capital.
  • Supporting landowners and communities. New Zealand farmers are innovators, inventors and efficient business operators who are driving new and improved approaches to land management. They need to be supported and celebrated. Both rural and urban communities rely on the income and environmental protection provided by our rural land. Applying the best land management that supports landowners and communities is critical.

Integrated Land Management

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