Whole Farm Planning

Whole farm planning is about understanding all the resources and constraints of the property. Soils, existing infrastructure, pastures, forests, biodiversity, and waterways are all considered. We work with you to find the combination of resources that provide the greatest value in terms of economic returns and ecological resilience.

Our whole farm planning can provide direction for future land management and the documentation required for local council Land Environment Plans.

Regenerative Agriculture

Farming can be done in a way that it not only produces food and income, but it also increases biodiversity and ecosystems services.

We can advise you on farm systems and practices that leave the land in better shape for future generations. We are experts in the use of exotic and native planting to reduce sediment loads, protect waterways and capture carbon. We can also help design and implement nitrogen capture systems such as constructed wetlands.

Multiple Use Forestry

Forestry is not just about large areas of land with Pinus radiata for timber production.  Forests can produce a wide range of income streams from timber and other products, and services from soil and water protection to recreation to biodiversity.  Multi-species, multi-use forestry can diversify income streams and provide economic resilience. 

There are huge opportunities for multiple use forestry – combining sound forest management for wood products with a wide range of other services and uses.  Forests can be combined with tourism opportunities such as mountain biking/walking trails and hunting, we can help add value to your land. 

We have been involved with the planning and implementation of a wide range of multiple use forestry projects across the country.  Incorporating radiata pine plantations, mixed species forests, and native forests.

See Arapuke Trails for an example of the possibilities.

Native Forest Systems

Native forests are a fundamental part of our landscape, but over past centuries they have been cleared from large areas. New Zealand currently faces significant ecological challenges, especially with declining water quality and biodiversity. Combined with climate change, these challenges require the reestablishment of native forests. To accomplish this requires systems of native forest establishment and management that are practical, cost-effective, ecologically appropriate, and can be undertaken across large areas.

Since 2012 we have been researching and developing techniques for native forest reestablishment. Native Forest Systems is the process we have developed to provide a managed forest establishment service. This includes planning, eco-sourcing seed, plant production, site preparation and planting. We monitor the performance of planted areas until they are mature enough to be considered “free to grow”.