Biodiversity & Conservation Management


  • Advice on the management of natural forests for conservation and biodiversity enhancement.
  • Assistance with integrating biodiversity / soil and water management into production systems such as plantation forests or pastoral farming.
  • Urban forest and vegetation planning and management, in order to maximise benefits such as control of runoff, landscape enhancement, amenity, shelter and shade, from enhancing transport corridors and industrial areas to managing  greenbelts and development of riparian corridors. Our skills in working with communities are particularly valuable in these projects.  


Projects undertaken include:

Developing a management plan for the Palmerston North City Council water supply reserve, a 3,500 hectare area of predominantly natural forest. This reserve has a wide range of important forest resources and users. It has high biodiversity values and provides over 60% of the water used by Palmerston North.

Groundtruth has planned and overseen the implementation of a wide range of restoration projects for reserves, waterways and other areas, ranging from less than a hectare to hundreds of hectares.  We are also involved in planning and oversight of pest and weed control.