Matching land use to underlying land capability and understanding the range of resources which make up a property are essential to developing an integrated and resilient approach to property management. Identifying “win-win” solutions which sustain both economic returns and environmental services requires robust technical information.  

Whole Farm Planning  

  • Assessment of livestock production systems 
  • Soil and vegetation mapping
  • Water supply and drainage assessments
  • Nutrient management planning
  • Water and nutrient application technologies
  • Development of soil and crop management plans

Precision Agriculture

Farm forestry 

  • Planning new on-farm forestry projects
  • Assessing existing on-farm forestry 
  • Advice for establishing and managing a range of trees species 
  • Financial and environmental assessment
  • Assessment of bioenergy systems  

Technology Transfer

  • Provide specialist training in climate change response 
  • Assessment of on-farm adaptation and mitigation strategies 
  • Integration of land use management and climate change response including regulatory aspects and management of greenhouse gas emissions. 


  • Assessment of on-farm strategies for improving water quality and biodiversity on pastoral farms
  • Technical consultant to the New Zealand Agrichemical Education Trust and GROWSAFE® training programmes 
  • Analysis of farm forestry investment projects 
  • Delivery of Climate Change Technology Transfer Programme for Ministry for Primary Industries 

Our company includes a member of New Zealand Institute of Primary Industry Management and we partner with AgFirst Ltd and others to provide specialised modelling of pastoral systems.