Services include:

  • Nationwide training for 5 minute bird counts.
  • Consultation integrated with important projects in management planning, pest control etc.
  • Assisting with consultation in the planning process for important
    forestry and pest control projects.
  • Assisting with facilitation of in house projects on environmental
    planning and management systems.
  • Training of staff and contractors in environmental management. This includes particular environmental performance requirements in relation to forestry operations, or pest control.


Previous projects include:

  • Wide public consultation associated with the preparation of a major
    reserve management plan.
  • Consultation for Forest Stewardship Council certification assessments of forestry companies.
  • Developing and running environmental training for forest harvesting
  • Consultation with the local community over upgrade of a public road for forestry use.
  • Provision of seminars on climate change and adaptation in agriculture.