Plans and Operations

  • Planning for new forestry projects.
  • Organising and supervising of forestry operations.
  • Advice for establishing and managing alternative timber species.
  • Management planning for multiple use forestry areas.

Environmental Management for Plantation Forests

  • Advice on managing biodiversity in plantation forests.
  • Assessment and management of environmental and social impacts of plantation forest management, including harvesting.
  • Assistance with achieving environmental certification to systems
    standards such as ISO 14001 or performance standards such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.
  • Environmental audits. We can undertake internal audits to your standards or undertake audits against external standards. Our staff are trained auditors.


  • We have experience in developing environmental management systems for forestry companies and providing training in environmental management – from practical operational requirements at a contractor level to training for managers.
  • We have involvement in a wide range of projects in New Zealand and around the world. This includes past project experience as lead assessors in environmental audit to the FSC accredited QUALIFOR Programme. Our overseas partner ProForest undertakes a wide variety of projects helping plantation forest owners with environmental management around the globe.

Our company includes a New Zealand Institute of Forestry registered forestry consultant.