• Weed survey and distribution assessment. This includes provision
    of data in GIS-ready format with associated database records.
  • Developing strategic and operational plans for weed control.
  • Establishing monitoring programmes for problem weeds.
  • Animal control plans – to give a sound strategic and operational
    basis for controlling animal pests such as possums and goats.
  • Monitoring and review of animal and weed control programmes.
  • Oversight of weed and pest control as part of restoration projects.

Previous projects include:

  • Review of possum control strategies and operational methods used in local authority reserve areas.
  • Survey of weed distribution on major reserve boundaries, and identification of key weed threats.
  • Surveillance of weed and animal pest threats in a sample of natural areas in the Manawatu – Whanganui Region.
  • Weed survey and control plans for local authority reserves around the Wellington and Manawatu regions.