We provide independent services to help land and forest owners understand and respond to opportunities and business risks associated with carbon farming initiatives including the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) and the Permanent Forest Sinks Initiative (PFSI).

We provide a suite of services including:

  • Independent information and advice. We provide access to a wide variety of simple and practical information and advice, including information sheets and seminars (see under projects below)
  • Carbon scoping report. Desktop carbon reports identifying potential carbon credits and liabilities under the ETS and possible management options.
  • Carbon feasibility studies. More detailed examination of specific property opportunities including forest management options, land use change possibilities etc. Site mapping and GIS analysis is usually undertaken.
  • Carbon support services. A range of assistance with involvement in the ETS.

We deliberately avoid involvement in carbon trading so we can remain independent, providing objective and independent advice.


Carbon scoping reports:  We have undertaken scoping reports for a range of agricultural and forestry clients throughout New Zealand.

Carbon farming information transfer:  This project was undertaken with funding from the Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry’s Sustainable Farming Fund, and support from the Carbon Farming Group. Its aim was to provide easily understood, independent information for farmers and agribusiness managers about carbon farming in New Zealand. A series of simple info sheets have been produced and seminars and presentations provided throughout the country. The info sheets are available on the Carbon Farming Group website and include:

  • Greenhouse Gases and Farming Livestock
  • Soil Carbon
  • Greenhouse Gases – International Agreements
  • NZ Carbon programmes and how to get involved
  • Carbon Trading
  • Voluntary Carbon Market
  • Managing Emissions from Livestock
  • Practical Implications – Sheep and Beef Farm
  • Practical Implications – Dairy Farm
  • Practical Implications – Integrated Dairy, Sheep and Beef Farm
  • Practical Implications – Arable Farm
  • Carbon Forest Management
  • Co-Benefits of Managing Carbon

If you are interested in us providing a seminar for your organisation, or have other inquiries about carbon farming, please contact John-Paul Praat.