Kapiti birdsong!

This page displays one minute recordings of birdsong from our Kapiti Island monitoring station. You can find out more about our monitoring stations and our Kapiti Island radio project.

Example recordings are provided at the top of the page. 

Whats in example 1?  Bellbird, whitehead, weka, black backed gull, kaka (faintly at 35 & 44 seconds)

Whats in example 2?  Bellbird, Robin

Whats in example 3?  Little spotted kiwi (quite faint, strongest between 15 and 25 seconds

Whats in example 4?  Bellbird, tui (at end, 58 seconds)

Whats in example 5?  Tui

 The latest 5 recordings are also displayed at the bottom of the page.  A recording is taken every hour.

Example Kapiti Birdsong

Latest Kapiti Birdsong