Log Transport Operations complete

Groundtruth, on behalf of Palmerstong North City Council, has been consulting with residents and landowners at Palmerston North's Scotts Road about logging transports since 2008.  Harvesting and transporting of logs at Arapuke Forest is now complete. Harvest of mature Council-owned areas at Gordon Kear Forest is now also complete.

Future operations 

Now that the current harvest from Council forests is complete, it will be some years before replanted areas are ready for their next harvest.  One possible exception may be isolated logging in small parts of Arapuke Forest – this might occur should there be a sharp rise in international log prices.  We do not anticipate this happening, but if it should, residents will be advised.  

Residents and others should be aware that there may be other, non Council harvesting and log transport operations ocurring in the area.


Groundtruth is continuously looking for practical opportunities to improve future log transport operations, both here and in other areas and is inviting feedback from landowners and residents about the completed operations.  A feedback form has been distributed.  Other feedback can be given at peter.handford@groundtruth.co.nz or phone 04 904 0876.  

Background documents